Belief Clothing Australia

Belief – noun – the mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another.

What does the word ‘belief’ mean to you? When I think of ‘belief,’ I think of it in the context of the word ‘self-belief’. Self-belief is about having confidence in oneself and one’s ability. and success often stems from having that self-belief and motivation to achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.

Every now and then I will meet someone whose story resonates with and inspires me. When I heard the story behind Belief Clothing I knew that the business was one I wanted to support. Steve, the man behind the label, has put years of hard work, passion and dedication into creating a fantastic clothing brand.

As a Belief Clothing ambassador my aim is to inspire others to embark on the journey towards self-belief and self-empowerment rather than self-sabotage.

You can find Belief Clothing online at or on Instagram @beliefclothing

“Ability is what gives you the opportunity; belief is what gets you there” – Apollo

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My current goal is to raise $700 Australian dollars for  headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation. You can find my supporter page and donate by clicking here.

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Obstacle Racers Australia

A huge thank you goes to Nigel, James and Jason at Obstacle Racers Australia for their ongoing support. They have a fantastic range of accessories on their website and provide race discounts to a number of obstacle races in Australia.

Whole Health Physiotherapy

A huge thank you goes to Scott Murray from Whole Health Physiotherapy in Perth. Scott worked wonders on some of my injuries when I was still in Australia and I can’t thank him or recommend his physio services enough.


OCR Team Australia

In October 2015 I travelled to the OCR World Championships in Cincinnati (OH, USA) as part of OCR Team Australia. The 2015 team sponsors and friends can be found on the OCR Team Australia website.