Hurricane Heat 12 HR – Selection Edition

If there’s one thing I’m learning about endurance events, it’s to approach them with zero expectations. Every event is different and will test you in different ways to the ones that have come before it. I’d been convinced by Max Delacy (CEO of Spartan Race Australia) to sign up for the 12 Hour Hurricane Heat … Continue reading Hurricane Heat 12 HR – Selection Edition

True Grit – Aussie Titles

I hadn't planned on making the journey across the country to True Grit in Sydney, but as I saw more and more friends talking about going, I made a last-minute decision to book a flight to Sydney. True Grit is a 12km military style obstacle course race which also had an Enduro option for those … Continue reading True Grit – Aussie Titles


It all started on a quiet Monday in May in my friend’s house in LA. I could barely move thanks to the delayed onset muscle soreness I was experiencing after the weekend’s events. I’d just completed my first ever endurance challenge and was on a high despite feeling very sore. I was being told about … Continue reading The RYNGE