From Hawaii to Texas

My week was very laid-back and relaxing as I had my first major OCR of the year on the Saturday in Texas.

I started the week with a very casual stroll along the beach in Waikiki after having a buffet lunch at the Outrigger before heading to Crossfit. It was my second last session at Kuleana so I said goodbye to some of my new friends before Mike and I headed to Hula Grill for my last dinner in Hawaii.


I had such a great time with these awesome folks!

The next day was spent lying by the pool before heading to the airport for my red-eye flight to San Antonio, Texas. As I sat in the American Airlines lounge I realised that the US lounges only provide a small amount of food for people, whereas the Australian lounges have endless amounts of food. Plus, Australian airlines seem to feed you constantly, whereas US airlines barely have any free food.



After landing at DFW I groggily found the AA Lounge and had a quick breakfast before heading to my second flight to San Antonio. After picking up the car I headed out in the Texas rain and drove toward Atkins to stay with a fellow OCR enthusiast that I had never met. 45 minutes later I was at Kendal and Doug’s house and was welcomed with open arms to a lovely breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs 🙂

Thursday started with a session at LaVernia Crossfit and ended with me testing out Kendal’s backyard OCR training area! If you want to see what I got up to then check out the video: OCR Training.

Saturday saw me do my first ever Battlefrog race. To say I had fun would be a serious understatement! I had the best day out on course and loved all the obstacles. You can read my recap here.

I headed back out to the Battlefrog site on the Sunday to help pack up. The first half of the day was spent helping pack up the registration truck, whilst the second half of the day was spent packing up fencing and banners. I managed to get a Battlefrog banner and blank cheque for Kendal to hang in her home gym as motivation.

The crew that recognised me from the day before were calling me the “awesome Aussie” and others were commenting about how they just wanted to hear me talk all day to listen to my accent. One of the girls I was volunteering with me asked me “are there short people in Australia?” I couldn’t help but laugh and joke that I was considered short. Later in the day I was explaining about our plastic money and she’s like “Oh, so your money is like a card? Can you bend it?” I just stared like a rabbit caught in headlights, before laughing and showing her some Australian money.

That night Kendal and I had a long talk about fear, shame, letting go and living your truth. It’s been great to meet someone who has dealt with similar feelings as I have. Sometimes we need to let go of those thoughts about not being good enough and we need to learn how to push aside the negative and learn to find the positive. I’m still very much on a journey and it’s still only the beginning for me.

Week 5: 27 Mar – 3 Apr.

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