Spartan Race Stadium Sprint (Brisbane)

After doing the Sydney and Geelong Stadium Sprints in 2015 I was excited to see what the Brisbane Stadium Sprint had to offer.With the return of the Gladiators, and the 300 becoming a separate part of the race, I was keen to see how this event stacked up against the other Stadium Sprints.

The day before the race was hot and humid, or as some people would say, just a typical day in Brisbane. We all hoped for some water-based obstacles but were prepared to get through without. Even though the Stadium Sprints are only about 5-6km, they can get very warm with all the concrete around.

I was pumped and ready to run on race day. There was a huge elite heat which meant there was a change to the route. Instead of going straight into the stadium, we had to start with a 1km run around the stadium to space out the heat.


I was overwhelmed with all the people in the heat so I stayed towards the back. The steps started ss soon as I entered the stadium and I was well and truly over them after the third set of stairs. I jogged out of the stadium towards the traverse wall and before I knew it I was down for my first set of burpees. The wall has been my nemesis since day one but I am determined to complete it next time.

Thirty burpees later I headed to the balance beam and was ready to dominate the obstacle that I have never failed. It was longer than normal, and when I was three beams from the end I lost my balance – that’s another 30 burpees for me. I was feeling pretty lousy after that point and my triceps were on fire but I had to just shake out my arms and prepare for the next set of burpees which were inevitable.

Running through the stadium I faced some of the typical stadium obstacles: the hobie hop, box jumps, sandbag carry, a few walls, and more and more stairs. I got through the inside of the stadium without any further penalties before heading out to face the spear throw.

I was ready to throw my spear using a new technique that I saw Cookie from the US Spartan Race use. I threw it with force, but it went a bit too high and I missed the tyre. Down I went for another 30 burpees and that’s when the humidity started getting to me. I was feeling dehydrated and I knew I would have to run faster just to get to the finish. Straight after the spear throw was the hercules hoist (even did the men’s bag by accident), and the rope climb, which I got successfully.

Feeling elated, I got to the Fortress and that’s when I met my burpee friends again. After falling off in September I wasn’t mentally ready to attempt the obstacle again. I thought I’d have some relief from burpees but as I went back in the stadium I caught up with heaps of groaning Spartans at the burpee mile. Twice as long as previous burpee miles, this caused much swearing and everyone was desperate for water. The lack of water stations on the course was definitely affecting people and their performance.

Towards the end I faced the 9 foot wall. After almost getting it in Geelong, I wanted to get the wall and avoid burpees. I managed to get a hold of the top, but my arms were fried and so I couldn’t get myself up the wall. Burpees it was. After getting through the ski erg and the small amount of water in the barb wire crawl, I climbed the inverted wall, ran through the gladiators and I was done.



I didn’t attempt the 300 as I was feeling dehydrated and was not in the mood for more burpees. So I was just happy to get my awesome medal before going to volunteer. The lack of water combined with the heat and humidity made it a tough course and I struggled. It did however make me realise that I’m getting better at burpees.

I did end up attempting the wall again after a few hours of volunteering, and I managed to get it. Now I can’t wait for the next race to actually get it in the race and avoid the burpees.

Event: Spartan Race – Stadium Sprint

Type: Obstacle Course Race

Distance: 6km

Location: Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, QLD (Australia)

Date: 27 February 2016

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