Tough Guy – January 9 2017

I’m standing in waist-deep, ice-cold water, and I can’t feel my toes. I don’t mean that figuratively. I am trying to wiggle them but they are so cold that I literally can’t feel them anymore. Just as I start to question my own sanity, I remember why I’m here. For those of you who know … Continue reading Tough Guy – January 9 2017

2016 Race Recap

What a year! I am still at a loss as to how to put my year into words, so here are some statistics instead 😀 364* days 38 EVENTS 95km // 15 hours of Fun Runs. 215km // 120 hours of endurance events. 425km // 115 hours of Obstacle Races. That’s a total of 735km/457 … Continue reading 2016 Race Recap


It all started on a quiet Monday in May in my friend’s house in LA. I could barely move thanks to the delayed onset muscle soreness I was experiencing after the weekend’s events. I’d just completed my first ever endurance challenge and was on a high despite feeling very sore. I was being told about … Continue reading The RYNGE