2016 Race Recap

What a year! I am still at a loss as to how to put my year into words, so here are some statistics instead 😀

364* days


95km // 15 hours of Fun Runs.

215km // 120 hours of endurance events.

425km // 115 hours of Obstacle Races.

That’s a total of 735km/457 miles and 250 hours!

2016-12 - MEDAL MONDAY.jpg


You could say that I spent a fair amount of time travelling this year. The stats prove it…

125,335km // 165 hours by plane

8,480km // 115 hours by car

6,250km // 75 hours by bus

750km // 10 hours by train

Totalling 140,815km and 365 hours.

I visited 5 countries – Australia, New Zealand, USA, China and Canada.

I raced in three Australian States (Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria), and eight US States (Hawaii, Texas, California, Arizona, Utah, Arkansas, Florida and New York).


It’s been one epic OCR Gap Year! Click here to watch my end of year race video.


After a few quick calculations I realised that I slept in 64 different places during 2016 including:

  • 20 queen/double beds;
  • 16 bunk beds;
  • 6 single beds;
  • 6 planes (overnight);
  • 4 sofa beds;
  • 4 couches;
  • 3 tents;
  • 2 busses;
  • 1 train;
  • 1 car; and
  • Various parts of the ground in the Adirondack mountains.

Not bad for one year.

*Thanks to the time-travelling that I did in 2016 my year only consisted of 364 days. May 16 and November 7 didn’t exist for me as I was on a plane, crossing the international date line. There were also two days in December that were shortened thanks to flying back to Australia from Hawaii.

Despite losing two full days, I did have three extended days (in February, August and November) when I flew back in time to Hawaii. But as far as the calendar goes, my year only had 364 days.

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